Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tracks, roads, footpaths and social networking

As we develop our swarm of interacting robots, should we take consider introducing structures within our arena that are analogous to those at the micro-biological level inside cells? Packets of molecules move around cells along tracks or microtubules carried by molecular motors. See (the movie called Golgi H264-33 shows the tracks or microvilli with the packets of molecules moving along them). These tracks are influenced by what is carried along them and refashion themselves accordingly.

We can draw analogy with people - tracks, roads and footpaths that people move along, and perhaps with social networking where it is messages that move along.

The tracks take the molecule, the person or the message to the place where and interaction occurs - with another molecule, another person or the message is received by a person. At present, our robots can move in any direction within their arena. Should we consider having some tracks and meeting places?


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